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Press Kit

Press Kit

Game Title:             Luckless Seven

Developer:              Deckpoint Studio

Platforms:              PC/Mac/Linux

Release Date:        2018

Price:                      To be announced

Steam Page:
Developer Blog:

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Social:                    Twitter

Video:                    Tutorial Video

View:                      Logos (imgur album)

Download:            Gameplay Screenshots (.zip)
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Luckless Seven is a card-battling, story-driven RPG set in the captivating, explorable world of Arithia. Players engage in our addictive card battle system and navigate through extensive dialogue trees to determine their own path through the rich, nonlinear narrative of Luckless Seven.

The overarching narrative involves travelling from city to city and participating in Casino qualifiers (similar to gym leader battles) and progressing your way through a large national tournament. Outside of battling people however, Mark will have significant involvement with the people he travels with.

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  • Long storyline with multiple narratives
  • Social leveling system
  • Explorable 3D world
  • Dozens of hand-painted portraits for each character
  • Immersive dialogue trees
  • Fast-paced card battle system
  • Non-binary morality

A demo of the game can be downloaded from our Indiedb page. Tutorials and more information about the game can be also be read at our Indiedb page, or our website.

Luckless Seven is a card game RPG developed for PC, Mac, and Linux. Set in a near-future world, the game will put players in the shoes of Mark, a young adult drifting through life. Mark has historically been weighed down by obligations to work and to family, but he decides to take a leap of faith and joins six of his friends on an adventure.

That adventure takes the shape of a cross-country Ekosi tour. Ekosi is the immensely popular and competitive card battle system in Luckless Seven’s Arithia. Ekosi was inspired by Pazaak, a minigame from Bioware’s 2003 hit, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Both Ekosi and Pazaak are derived from Blackjack, but Ekosi introduces numerous improvements: new game modes, new cards, and new ways to win.

Besides battling other characters, players will visit a wide array of environments and engage in the personal storylines of each of the luckless seven. The characters that travel with Mark will have prominent roles in the story and fully developed character arcs. The player’s interactions with his party and all others will determine who Mark becomes and, consequently, his destiny.

Mark's progress will be both competitive and personal. Winning matches will unlock stronger Ekosi cards. By making dialogue decisions, the player will define their character and open the door to additional story events, dialogue trees, and endings. Who will Mark become? An empathetic friend? An intimidating competitor? It's up to the player to decide.



Developer Blog:

We’ve always admired indie teams that pursued their dream career, be it in art, film or video games. Although pursuing a career making games or comics is a risky choice today, the individuals that blazed the trail ten to fifteen years ago were taking an even larger risk and explore absolutely unknown territory.

For a good portion of our lives, we've spent our free time learning how to build websites, use visual design software, and write code. Jesse in particular has spent much of his free time using Photoshop, Blender, and Maya Autodesk for making Counter-Strike weapon skins and small RPGs. However, this area of our lives was always strictly categorized as a hobby. It was not until the end of college that we began to seriously consider whether we wanted to continue our career paths in health administration; we were worried that we would never get the chance to live our dream of working as game developers.

For the better part of a year, we have been working very hard on the game and feel nearly ready to release a Kickstarter for the project. Besides the card battle system, Luckless Seven will feature an explorable world filled with story-driven side quests and a social leveling system. Players will travel with a party consisting of the main character’s childhood friends. Every party member will have a prominent role in the story and fully developed character arcs. 

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We encourage you to record any gameplay footage of Luckless Seven! You are free to monetize the video. It is not necessary, but we would appreciate it if you would provide a link to our website in the video description.

We'd love to see any videos you make! 

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